-rate reduced for Pakistan, India, Bangladesh at other server, pls transfer customer
-Bangladesh 8801 rate reduced, pls check and update-18Sep18
-Please use internet explorer to create new pin, google chrome having technical problem-thanks
-Because of less customer, please transfer all customer to mobile.moittry.com server, later we will transfer all of this dialer to mobile.moittry.com server- thanks
-itel Platinum Android- v3.6.6 install
-M Dialer Platinum(Itel)
 Nokia- v2.7 install and  v2.2.0 install
 Samsung,Android- v3.1 install or v3.4.1 install or GooglePlay
-M Dialer Platinum(Utel)
 Nokia v1.1 v1.1 install and v1.0 v1.0 install
 Samsung, Android-v1.1 v1.1 install or GooglePlay
-Other Link for All
 itel express UAE Social- v2.27 install
 itel express v2.27- v2.27 install
 M Dialer itel All-11241- Express, platinum, GooglePlay, windows
 M Dialer utel All- Express, GooglePlay
-Download and information-

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